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The Association is an organization “for doctors by doctors”. We are dedicated to the service of our members, our profession, and the enhancement to the quality of life for our patients. We are committed to the education of our members, our patients, other healthcare professionals, and the public at large.


We honor the diversity and heritage that is chiropractic, and will strive to promote unity without uniformity within our profession. The Association will support each member and protect their practice rights as well as our profession’s regional autonomy.


We embrace chiropractic as a unique healthcare discipline that leads the field of health and wellness, one that focuses on the restoration of health by promoting the innate recuperative and restorative powers of the human body, without the use of unnecessary drugs or surgery. We believe that chiropractic should maintain its unique identity while working cooperatively with other health care disciplines.


Free from discrimination or interference, we support the basic human right for a patient to select the type of care and the healthcare provider of their choice. We believe that all persons should have direct access to chiropractic care. We ultimately see chiropractic as the “logical first resource for health”.

Code of Ethics

(Adopted June 20, 2013—by vote of the OCA membership)
The OCA Code of Ethics is a part of a practice paradigm that sets a member of the Association apart from non-members. It is the benchmark against which the actions of the Association and individual members can be measured. It expresses the willingness of the doctor members of the Association to be judged by their peers, lay public, and policy makers through the quality of service they provide. It is an indicator of professional maturity and social accountability. The OCA Code of Ethics and Policy Statements set out the values of the Association and what society can expect from its doctor members.
The Oregon Chiropractic Association acknowledges that health care is an imprecise and often subjective clinical science with uncertain boundaries. Recognizing this, the OCA Code of Ethics and Policy Statements seek to define those fundamental principles by which Association member doctors should conduct themselves in everyday professional practice. It is a living document and one which should accommodate changes in laws, community attitudes, scope of practice and personal professional competence.

Policy Statement(s)

(Adopted June 20, 2013—by vote of the OCA membership)
1.0 Responsibility to the Public
1.1 Advertising association members should exercise the utmost care that their advertizing is relevant to health awareness, is accurate, truthful, not misleading or false nor deceptive. Doctors should always be scrupulously truthful in representing their professional status and area of special competence. Communication to the public should not appeal to an individual’s fear and/or anxiety or create unjustified expectations of clinical results.
1.1.1 It is considered both unprofessional and unethical conduct for an Association member to obtain auto crash reports for the purpose of directly soliciting consumers by US mail, telephone or any other electronic media, who have been involved in a recent auto accident.