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Our History

In November 2008, the Chiropractors Association of Oregon (CAO) and the Oregon Doctors of Chiropractic Medicine (ODOC) members overwhelmingly voted to merge into a new organization that would be called the “OREGON CHIROPRACTIC ASSOCIATION”.

With the help of the Gatti Law Firm once again and in a unified effort of several key doctors in addition to both existing boards, the Oregon Chiropractic Association created a mission statement and by-laws in a blended format. The Oregon Chiropractic Association elected a board of twelve to represent Chiropractic interests across the state and two Co-Presidents, Dr. Don Ferrante and Dr. Robert Taylor were elected to serve as the first Co-Presidents in Oregon Chiropractic Association history.

The Oregon Chiropractic Association is an association founded on the premise that a unified Chiropractic voice in Oregon will improve Chiropractic in Oregon for patients, doctors and the community. The Oregon Chiropractic Association is active in many arenas to advocate for Chiropractic Care in Oregon.

The Oregon Chiropractic Association provides a unified voice for Chiropractic care to the Oregon legislature and the Oregon Board of Chiropractic Examiners. The Oregon Chiropractic Association advocates in the Oregon Legislature for health care legislation that allows patient freedom and access to alternative medicine like Chiropractic, as well as ensuring that the unified voice of Chiropractic care is heard in any healthcare discussion. The Oregon Chiropractic Association sponsors an annual “Chiropractic Care Lobby Day” in which hundreds of Chiropractic Physicians have an opportunity to tell their story directly to Legislators from across the state.

The Oregon Chiropractic Association was also founded to serve the 1100 Chiropractic Physicians in Oregon. The Oregon Chiropractic Association provides member benefits from being part of the Physician database on the website to the promotion of Chiropractic care in Oregon to providing quality continuing education through seminars and video of many of those classes. The Oregon Chiropractic Association meets regularly around the state in the form of Districts/Chapters that will insure that communication and participation will be all inclusive for each and every Oregon Chiropractic Association member.

The Oregon Chiropractic Association was founded to create a unified voice for Chiropractic in Oregon. A voice for both patients and doctors to improve access, lower costs, support Chiropractic physicians and promote the medicine that is Chiropractic.