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One of the many benefits of the Oregon Chiropractic Association is continuing education courses. These courses are available for rental to all Doctors of Chiropractic & Chiropractic Assistants

The Oregon Chiropractic Association is committed to providing the most up to date education in the field of Chiropractic medicine in order for Oregon Chiropractors to provide the best possible care to their patients.

The Oregon Chiropractic Association offers dozens of continuing education classes from specific treatment regiments and applications to the basics of managing a Physicians’ office to help with billing issues.

These courses can be taken at one of our seminars around the state as well as On Demand online viewing.

Please note! The OBCE is now requiring ALL DC’s & CA’s to be AED, BLS, CPR certified!  Course can be taken online via the National CPR Foundation, Red Cross, American Heart Association, or any other online certification course.  Must be done by your next license renewal!

DC Continuing Education Videos Available On Demand

Includes Cultural Competency requirement courses

(Cultural Competency requirement to be included in required CE for annual renewal)

1st Year DC- CE Requirement Total = 8 CE Hrs

– 4 Hrs (OTC Meds) Over the Counter Meds

– 2 Hrs Evidence-based/Outcome Assessment

– 1 Hr Cultural Competency

– 1 Hr Suicide Intervention Training

2nd Year DC – CE Requirement Total = 20 CE Hrs

– 7 Hrs, Pain Management (1 hr must be the OPMC Pain Management Module thru the Oregon Pain Management Commission)

– 2 Hrs Cultural Competency

– 1 Hr Suicide Intervention Training

– 10 Hrs General CE

Active DC’s – CE Requirement Total = 20 CE Hrs

– 2 Hrs Cultural Competency

– 1 Hr Suicide Intervention Training

– 17 Hrs General CE 

Senior DC – CC Requirement = 6 Hours 

– 1 CE Hrs Cultural Competency

– 1 Hr Suicide Intervention Training

– 4 Hrs General CE 

* On July 28, 2021 the OBCE implemented an additional 1 Hour requirement in Suicide Intervention Training to be completed annually by DC license renewal.  The OBCE has continued this CE requirement for 2022 DC license renewals.  The OCA does not currently have this training course available, so we have provided a resource for the requirement below.

1 Hour Suicide Prevention Training Course = $20

(Please use the link below & scrolling down to the bottom of the page to Oregon Suicide Awareness)


Option 2 

Suicide Prevention Training

(1.5 hr virtual or in-person training program that teaches three easy steps to identify signs someone is thinking about suicide and how to connect them to help)

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