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Vern Saboe

Chiropractic care is one of the most affordable and accessible health care options available to Oregonians.

Studies have consistently shown that Chiropractic Care is an affordable alternative to invasive medical procedures and prescription medication. The medically conservative approach of Chiropractic Care lowers costs for patients and providers alike

2023 12% of member dues were not deductible due to lobbying

Below is a list of legislative accomplishments we have achieved through lobbying; all
that we have done and all we are able to do depends on membership dollars which fund 100% of our legislative efforts.

Our Legislative Goal for 2025

A return of attending physician status to Oregon’s chiropractic physicians (Type A physician Status) within Worker’s Compensation


  • House Bill 2395 2023 Legislative Session. Chiropractic physicians are now listed as, “mental health care providers” who can diagnosis and provide limited treatment and receive reimbursement for “substance use disorder,” (SUD) with additional training and state required certification. Our new Oregon law allows DCs to have access to fentanyl test strips and opioid antagonist medications (e.g., Narcan) for patients presenting in an acute opioid overdose emergency, many times due to accidental exposure to illicit fentanyl. Administration of an opioid antagonist can save a life in moments.


  • Oregon Administrative Rule, State of Oregon, Essential Health Benefits/Benchmark Plan. OCA prompted the insurers and the state to add 20 visits of spinal manipulation to the mandatory state’s “essential health benefits” also known as the “benchmark plan.” Every commercial health plan must provide a minimum of 20 visits of spinal manipulation in their benchmark plans. Oregon is the only state in the nation to accomplish this.


  • Senate Bill 1547, Concussion Return to Play. After three years of constant effort SB-1547 was passed during the short 35-day 2018 Oregon legislative session. This new law adds chiropractic physicians to the list of qualified health care professionals who have the authority to release a concussed athlete back to play and learning using the current evidence-based stepwise protocols.
  • Portland VA Medical Center, Hires First full-time chiropractic physicians, six DCs combined have now been hired and serve at the Portland VA, Vancouver, WA facility, and the Salem VA clinic. University of Western States senior interns have been performing clerkships rotating through the rehab department of the Portland VA working with the DCs on staff. A chiropractic residency program is the next goal in 1-2 years. TriWest referrals to DCs in the community have now exploded.


  • State of Oregon, Health Evidence Review Commission (HERC), “Prioritized List Reorganization Task Force.” was convened to address better management of low back pain and spinal pain in general. Chiropractic spinal manipulation was not covered by the Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) because the typical diagnoses doctors of chiropractic treat under e.g., strain, sprain and joint dysfunction were below the prioritized list funding line. As a result of OCA’s work on the HERC and this task force since July 1, 2016, 1.2 million Oregonians on the Oregon Health Plan can receive chiropractic treatment.


  • House Bill 2468, Our Network Adequacy Advisory Committee bill. The first of only two states.  Rhode Island  the other state that successfully inserted the federal provider non-discrimination language (Section 2706a) into our Oregon State law applied to small group private health insurer plans.
  • Unlawful Steering of Injured Workers, the OCA facilitated administrative rules changing Form 801 clearing communicating to injured workers they choose their healthcare provider and not their employer nor anyone else.


  • House Bill 2100 created the new State of Oregon, Health Evidence Review Commission (HERC). The OCA successfully lobbied for one seat to be given to a chiropractic physician, naturopathic physician, or licensed acupuncturist. Governor Kitzhaber appointed Dr. Saboe to a 4-year term on the HERC and he was subsequently appointed to the Evidence-based Guidelines Subcommittee of the HERC serving 10-years (2012-2022) representing the OCA.
  • Senate Bill 1580 & Senate Bill 1509 added language prohibiting discrimination by Oregon’s new Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs/Oregon Health Plan) against any health care provider including chiropractic physicians (known as Section 2706a in federal law). These were Governor Kitzhaber’s bills and the OCA successfully lobbied the governor to include this language applied to Oregon Health Plan patients.


  • House Bill 2045, Allowing chiropractic physicians to rate permanent impairment within Oregon’s workers’ compensation system.
  • House Bill 2368 addressing third-party auto injury claims. Consumers who inadvertently sign off on a release document and accept a check from a pushy at fault auto insurer (think Progressive Ins. Co) have five business days to give the check (carrot) back, sue the insurer for injuries, and if they accept the check, doing so cannot disrupt the first party (their insurance company paying for our treatment) treatment benefits and added a large disclosure statement.


  • An injured worker’s right is now laid out on Form 827 with a new administrative rule


  • House Bill 2756, expanding chiropractic treatment in work comp to 18 visits/60 days. Increased from 12 visits/30 days.


  • Senate Bill 585 The law prohibits auto insurers from entering into managed care contracts. The law also protects our outstanding PIP bills from physician and/or hospital liens if we provided services first. Several months of interim meetings with State Farm Auto Insurance Company officials leading up to the 2005 session were key.
  • House Bill 2588 Workers’ Compensation Study Bill. The OCA’s bill called for OHSU to perform a cost and outcomes study comparing chiropractic management to standard medical management of common musculoskeletal injuries within Oregon’s workers’ comp system. Our bill had 42 members of the legislature sponsoring our bill. HB-2588 did not receive a single no vote in any of the House or Senate Committees and though it passed both the House and Senate however, Governor Ted Kulongoski vetoed our bill.
  • Prompted OSU to hire a Chiropractor for their student health center.
  • Chiropractor of the Day Program,  with a chiropractic treatment room containing more than $9,000 worth of donated exam and treatment equipment established on the third floor of the capitol off the Senate chamber.