Retraction For OCA Coronavirus Flyer

Refer to OBCE website for information!

Per recent requests from our membership, the OCA office had compiled a generic flyer from available sources that would be easily understood by the patients in your offices for a pro-active approach to the coronavirus (Covid-19).    In light of the recent and continued changing issue with the Covid-19 virus the OCA Board of Directors is asking that you refer to the OBCE and their notices regarding this pandemic.    Please disregard the one-page flyer that we released last week and look to more recent references and notices that are being updated daily.     Here is a link to the OBCE website so that you can easily follow their ongoing messaging and see other links that will be useful as we all navigate this serious issue together.    Stay safe and healthy…..  Jan Ferrante, ED

OBCE website:

Governor Brown’s resources:

Oregon Health Authority:

Centers for Disease Control: