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Achieve Compliance with No Surprises ACT

presented by Dr. Mario Fucinari, DC, CPCO, CPPM, CIC

**This webinar was featured on Tues., Feb 22nd 12:30-1:30pm for OCA members & staff only.  The presentation was recorded for our OCA members and their staff that missed it.  This recording will be available soon…we will notifying the membership when the recording becomes available.  Dr. Mario has provided us with his compliance notes and required compliance forms so please make sure you are logged into your member account, then go to the Member Tool Center tab for these important documents!**

The No Surprises Act (the Act) went into effect on January 1, 2022.  It was a surprise that part two of the Act would affect medical and chiropractic offices.  Mario Fucinari, DC, CPCO, a Certified Professional Compliance Officer, will guide you through the requirements and action steps that must be taken immediately to comply with the No Surprises Act.  Whether you are a hybrid insurance-cash or a cash only practice, you must take action to comply with these requirements.  This class is designed for doctors, staff, and billers. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand government regulations
  • Establish policies and procedures to meet the requirement of the ACT
  • Learn front desk procedures to implement based on the Act
  • Learn the necessary documentation and forms required for the Act
  • Recognize situations to offer patients solutions to billing impediments

Hour One

  • Explanation of the No Surprises Act requirements
  • Exceptions to the No Surprises Act
  • Language requirements of the patient notification
  • Front desk procedures necessary in the No Surprises Act requirements
  • “Insurance Triage Procedures”
  • Delivering the good-faith estimate (GFE) of costs
  • Questions and Answers