June 16, 2018  "Acute Concussion Management" by Dr. Todd Turnbull

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2018 OCA Winter Convention Notes


Dr. Dan Murphy

"Pain Management CE: The Opioid Crisis & the Chiropractic Alternative"

- Download Part 1

Download Part 2

Download Part 3


Dr. Elise Hewitt - "Pediatrics: In Office Chiropractic Management of the Post - Concussive Child" - Download

Dr. Leonard Faye - "The Functional Model & Motion Palpation" - Download


Dr. Mario Fucinari - " Documentation, Coding and Compliance Updates" - Download

Dr. Mario Fucinari - "Office Procedures, Coding & Billing for 2018" - Download

2017 OCA Convention Documents


“Dr. Fab” Fabrizio Mancini, DC

The Spirit of Chiropractic

No Notes Availble

Dr. Elise Hewitt

The Power of Chiropractic in Pediatric Healthcare

Document Link

Thomas Burke, PhD

Treating Peripheral Neuro in the Chiro Clinic

Document Link

Dr. Michael McCall

Applied Kinesiology

Document Link

Dr. Brian Solofsky

Principles 2 Adjusting

Document Link


Dr. Brian Solofsky

Principles 2 Adjusting

Document Link

Dr. John Maltby

Documenting the Soft Tissue Injury

Notes available at Myovision Booth #10 - Vendor Room

Dr. Ty Talcott


Document Link

Kathy Mills Chang

Billing and Medicare Updates

Outline Link      Notes Link


Functional Chiro Council

6 Case Studies

Dr. Les Feinberg NMT

Pain Eraser Therapy

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