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Full-Time Chiropractic Associate DC Wanted in Portland, OR

Mar 2, 2020

West Chiropractic & Wellness is looking for a Full-time Associate DC in the growing and affluent suburb of Wilsonville, OR.  Competitive starting base salary with ample room for growth.  Dr. Alyssa Kurth specializes in the Gonstead technique, yet primarily focuses on sacral work and spinal cord release mechanisms.  This is a relatively new field with results driven patient-based care.  If you are looking to learn, have an open mind and are passionate about furthering the chiropractic profession and your skills, then we are looking for you!  

Preference is given to those who are proficient in Gonstead, SOT, Logan Basic, and extremity work, although other techniques are also encouraged to apply.  If you think this position might be right for you, please email your resume to